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TankMate is a modern integrated system providing tank level gauging, cargo control functionality and stress and stability software.

System Highlights

  • Continuous reading of Real Time values from all level gauging radars, ballast sensors, cargo temperature sensors, IG pressure sensors, draught sensors and inclinometers.
  • Cargo Control: Advanced remote control of valves and pumps from the screen, designed to simplify and increase safety during cargo operations on tankers.
  • On-line calculated parameters include corrected volumes, weights, shear forces, bending moments, heel, trim, draught and stability criteria.
  • Simulation of loading conditions for planning purposes.
  • Trend in time of levels, temperatures and IG Pressure are shown graphically on demand.
  • Continuos logging of information into history file enables easy scanning and analysis of post operations.
  • Audible and visual alarms, metering calculations and printouts are all standard features.
  • Inert Gas volume calculations.

Tank Level Radars:

  • Auxitrol TA-840 radar: compact design leads to reduced overall dimension, has perfect sealing, high precision measurements and is the only radar in the world with a flat intrinsic security antenna.
  • Independence of measurements from atmosphere and foam inside the tank.
  • Very high accuracy and reliability under harsh working conditions. Virtually no maintenance.

Cargo Control Advantages:

  • Control software allows the user to define and execute operational sequences,
  • Specify required values for valve positions or control the valve directly.
  • Large mimic panel with color LED bar graphs shows valve positions and movements.
  • Several levels of operation complexity: direct open/close commands, target value commands, sequence execution.
  • Maintenance module records relevant technical and service information

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Aydıntepe Mah. Sahilyolu Cad. No:23 Tuzla - Istanbul / Turkey TEL : +90 216 493 82 28 TEL : +90 216 493 82 47 FAX : +90 216 493 82 61